Simply Pure Beauty, Trevithick House, West End, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 8HE



Tel: 07522 386 833

Winter Working Hours

Wednesday 10am - 6pm

Thursday 10am - 2pm

Friday   10am - 6pm

Saturday  10am - 4pm   




Hello my name is Victoria Jensen (aka Vicki) and I am a Beauty therapist, Masseuse and Reflexologist, Mother, Nanny and Whippet owner.

I live in the wonderful town of Helston and run my beauty salon in Penryn. 

I live a very simple,  minimalist life style and I love it! I run, love being in nature and spending time with my whippet Milo, my Granddog Spong and my beautiful son Jake!

My salon is a large, airy white space and my treatments are carried out in a mindful, unrushed manner. 

I have lived in Cornwall for 20 years after spending my childhood and younger years in  Shropshire, Hong Kong and Southampton.

I qualified as a Beauty/Massage therapist and Reflexologist over 25 years ago  and I have loved it! It has enabled me to make a living and a life and meet some amazing people .… I work at a slower pace these days, healthier for both myself and my clients.

Not only is minimalism my great passion but mental health and general wellbeing also ..... My favorite colours and words are white, grey, peace and 'SIMPLE!'

"Let your boat of life be light,

packed with only what you need

A homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you."
a cat, a dog and a pipe or two.

Enough to eat and enough to wear. and a little more that enough to drink, because thirst is a dangerous thing


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